Let’s Get Your Pool Sparkling With Dillard Pools


Our Weekly Pool service starts at $40 and can go up from there based on how many trees are in the area, the size of the pool etc. Only in very rare cases would we charge more than $60 with $45 being the average you’ll pay for pool service. Give us a call and let’s get you started today!

from $75

We offer Biweekly Pool Service in the winter once all the leaves are down and picked up. This service rate will be 1.5 times what your weekly rate would be. So if your weekly rate is $40, you would pay $60 per biweekly service. You save 25% in the winter by going with this option.

$50-100 per month

We understand pool chemicals are expensive and make a promise to all of our customers to only do exactly what is needed for the pool. The ballpark range for a pool with no leak using chlorine tabs to sanitize the water would be about $25-45 per month in the summertime. Keep in mind that chlorine demand drops by about 95% in the wintertime and your chemical expense will drop dramatically during that time as well!