Let’s Get Your Pool Sparkling With Dillard Pools

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average $50-60 + chemicals

With weekly service, you never again have to worry about the pool! Starting at the affordable rate of just $50 per service (plus chemical cost), having an experienced technician keeping an eye on things weekly is vital to keeping the pool healthy and blue! 

from $75 + chemicals

We offer Biweekly Pool Service in the winter once all the leaves are down and picked up. This service is always 1.5x  your weekly rate. Most of our customers opt for seeing a beautiful blue pool all year instead of a cover.

$40-80 per month

We understand pool chemicals are expensive and make a promise to all of our customers to only do exactly what is needed for the pool. We are not a pool chemical store; we only stock chemicals for your convenience! We encourage people to get the best price for the correct high-quality chemicals, whether through us or otherwise. 

One-time $70 service fee + $80/hour

For the first trip to service the pool, we charge a $70 service fee to come out and our labor rate is $80 per hour. The quoted weekly service rate kicks in after that if everything works out!

One-time $70 service fee + $80/hour

Whether your pump quit running on you, your filter won’t filter right or any other equipment repair is needed, give us a call and we’ll tackle it for you!

One-time $70 service fee + $80/hour

Has the pool gotten out of hand and you need help catching up? Or maybe you’ve been out of town to return to a mess. Give us a call and we’ll take care of you!

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We were trying to take care of the pool ourselves and were struggling with an extreme algae problem which was very annoying. After hiring Dillard Pools, the pool is now trouble free. The communication is great and the service is excellent. It’s nice to see a beautiful pool every time we look outside.

Josh Fielding



Proudly serving the Oklahoma City area for over 20 years, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!