Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers!

Can I just take care of my own pool?

While you could try this path, there is an abundance of knowledge necessary to have in order to properly take care of your pool. This goes beyond just knowing how to clean the pool; there is an entire world of chemistry to learn to protect your pool and swimmers.

Can I save money by taking care of the pool myself?

People that take care of their own pools tend to rely on the advice of pool store counter workers who are not pool service professionals and end up spending a LOT of money on chemicals that they don’t need nor know how to properly use. They usually end up spinning their wheels in frustration while wasting their time and money.

Do I really need my pool serviced every single week?

During the warm season, it is essential that the chemistry is checked and balanced every single week to avoid algae and unsafe swimming conditions. In the wintertime we offer biweekly service.

Am I better off going with a larger company?

In a large company there is typically a revolving door of new inexperienced pool techs and you are often stuck speaking with the office manager instead of the person servicing your pool. 

Can I just have my kids or a friend take care of the pool?

Swimming pools are simply too expensive to leave it up to anyone but a professional to maintain. Mistakes can be costly and you want to protect your high ticket items such as the plaster, tile, pump and filter. 

What happens to my pool in the winter?

About 85% of our customers keep their pool open all year. By doing this, you save on the opening and closing costs not to mention a multi-thousand dollar pool cover. And since chlorine usage drops by about 95% in the wintertime, your chemical bill is extremely cheap during this time. And people love to look at their beautiful pool even if they aren’t using it.

Can I choose my service day?

We will do what we can to give you the service day you want, but your service day will depend on when we are already in your area.

What do I get with weekly pool service?

We check and balance your water chemistry, empty skimmers and pump basket and backwash as necessary. We skim the surface, brush and vacuum about once a month. We strongly recommend having a robotic cleaner that cleans the floor daily on a schedule like nearly all of our customers do.

Do you provide chemicals?

Absolutely. We carry everything your pool needs on our truck for your convenience.

How do I sign up for pool service?

Just give us a call at 405-593-5978 and we’ll get some basic information from you and schedule a time to come look at the pool in order to get you a quote for service.