Pool Service With Peace of Mind

Friendly and trustworthy pool service and repair in Oklahoma City.  Taking care of your swimming pool to save you time and help you make fantastic memories!

Having trouble taking care of your pool?

It can be frustrating when it is not ready to be used. 

We understand the difficulty in taking good care of a swimming pool the right way. 

We’ve helped hundreds of people turn their pool from green to blue and keep it that way with weekly pool service.

We can do the same for you!

Check out the Google Reviews about our Pool Service!

Heather Perry
Heather Perry
20:41 23 Oct 21
It’s been so nice this summer to not have to worry about the pool! Dillard pools did a great job every week making sure we were safe to swim and clean! We will be using again!
Kim Morris
Kim Morris
15:24 05 Oct 21
Dillard Pools is top notch! It’s a company with good Christian values. I would recommend this company to anyone who has a pool.
Josh Fielding
Josh Fielding
22:53 07 Mar 21
Very professional and knowledgeable and always willing and available to answer any questions we may have, and most importantly keeps our pool looking great year round!
Stephanie Hoover
Stephanie Hoover
15:26 05 Mar 21
Karen Mitchell
Karen Mitchell
18:55 24 Oct 20
All of the above, if they don’t do it, they have people that do.
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Here's What You Can Expect With Pool Service...​

Swim Anytime

With weekly pool service you can be sure your pool will always be ready for you to enjoy!

No Hassle

Your only job will be to keep your water level up; you can leave the rest to us!

Experienced Service

With over 35 years combined experience, your pool is in the best of hands!

working with us is easy

Let's get that pool sparkling!

Step 01.

Reach Out

Give us a call and provide us with some basic information

Step 02.

Get Quote

We’ll come out and take a look at your pool in order to provide you with a quote for weekly pool service

Step 03.


Start enjoying your beautiful pool and making awesome memories

You shouldn’t have to wonder...

if your pool is safe and ready for swimming

Wouldn’t it be nice to have people over to swim without a second thought or embarrassment?

Your pool is meant to help you relax, not give you a headache! 

With pool service by Dillard Pools, you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

We’ve got you covered! 

Let us help you have that beautiful safe and sparkling pool that is always ready to enjoy!

So just give us a call and experience the relief and peace of mind knowing your pool is in excellent hands!

Here's what you'll get with Dillard Pools

Have Questions About Pool Service? We Have Answers!

Can I just take care of my own pool?

While you could try this path, there is an abundance of knowledge pool service professionals have that allows them to properly take care of a pool. This goes beyond just knowing how to clean the pool; there is an entire world of chemistry to learn to protect your pool and swimmers.

Can I save money by taking care of the pool myself?

People that take care of their own pools tend to rely on the advice of pool store counter workers who are typically not seasoned pool service professionals and end up spending a LOT of money on chemicals that they don’t need nor know how to properly use. They usually end up spinning their wheels in frustration while wasting their time and money.

Do I really need pool service every single week?

During the warm season, it is essential that the chemistry is checked and balanced on a weekly basis to avoid algae and unsafe swimming conditions. In the wintertime, we offer biweekly pool service.

Am I better off going with a larger pool service company?

In a large company there is typically a revolving door of new inexperienced pool service techs and you are often stuck speaking with the office manager instead of the person servicing your pool. They usually make you wait weeks to be helped, while we can almost always take care of you right away!

Can I just have my kids or a friend take care of the pool?

Swimming pools are simply too expensive to leave it up to anyone but a pool service professional to maintain. Mistakes can be costly and you want to protect your high ticket items such as the plaster, tile, pump and filter. Pool service is also a great investment to ensure your pool water is safe for swimmers!

What happens to my pool in the winter?

About 85% of our customers keep their pool open all year. By doing this, you save on the opening and closing costs not to mention a multi-thousand dollar pool cover. And since chlorine usage drops by about 95% in the wintertime, the chemical part of your pool service bill is extremely cheap during this time. And people love to look at their beautiful pool even if they aren’t using it.